Endotoxin Testing in Water for Injection

Water for injection (WFI) is pharmaceutical purified water that is further purified by distillation, which removes bacterial endotoxins from the water. Water for injection is mainly used for products or processes that come into direct contact with blood. Therefore, it is vital to control and monitor the levels of endotoxins, as endotoxin levels cause a pyrogen response when introduced into the blood.

Why should we test it?

Legal requirements for compliance with pharmaceutical water specifications are defined in the Pharmacopoeia. These water specifications can be found in the following pharmacopeias: USP, Ph Eur and JP. These documents identify the minimum quality standards that can be enforced by regulators in the industry. Creative BioMart is responsible for ensuring the highest level of operational control to ensure patient product safety. The additional risks and additional testing associated with WFI can be attributed to the product management approach.

Our testing method

WorkflowFigure 1. Workflow. (Creative BioMart)

Features of our services

Endotoxin testing in water for injection

  • Mature and reliable testing platform:
  • Rich project experience
  • Participate in major projects and release advanced cooperation results.
  • Based on high-quality analysis, the analysis contents and methods of pre-research and verification are indeed mature and feasible.

Our solutions

Project name Endotoxin testing in water for injection
Testing purpose Water for injection will directly contact human tissues and organs, so endotoxins must be tested before use.
Testing cycle 3-5 days.
Service including We provide you with raw data and test reports.
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Our Services for endotoxin testing in water for injection

To meet the challenging requirements, Creative BioMart has built a team of experienced scientists with facilities and processes designed specifically to offer corresponding endotoxin testing services. You can also purchase the corresponding endotoxin removal kit and related accessories according to your sample needs. We guarantee that all instruments, water, reagents, and consumables used in the experiment are free of endotoxins, and the experiment is conducted in a clean room to ensure that low levels of endotoxins are returned to the sample. In addition, we can also provide you with related services including:

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