Endotoxin Testing by Rabbit Pyrogen Test (RPT)


Pyrogen refers to a pyrogenic substance that can cause an abnormal increase in body temperature of the homeotherms. It includes a bacterial pyrogen, an endogenous polymer pyrogen, an endogenous low molecular pyrogen, and a chemical pyrogen. Bacterial pyrogens are classified into endotoxins and non-endotoxin pyrogens.

Rabbit Pyrogen Test (RPT)

Pyrogen testing is one of the important inspection items to ensure the safety of drugs. In 1923, Seibert first proposed the method of detecting pyrogens in rabbits. RPT can objectively reflect the characteristics of pyrogens in various drugs and biological products in the body, and can intuitively reflect the temperature rise of experimental rabbits caused by pyrogens in drugs, play an important role to ensure drug quality and drug safety.

Method of RPT Test

By injecting a certain dose of the test substance into the body of the rabbit intravenously, observing the rise of rabbit temperature within a specified time to determine whether the limit of pyrogen contained in the test substance met the requirements.

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