Endotoxin Removal Services in Peptide

Removal of endotoxin from biological solutions is essential for many in vivo and cell-based applications because it interferes with biological responses. Endotoxin is a liposugar found in the outer walls of Gram-negative bacteria. Bacteria release endotoxins during lysis. Endotoxin's toxic effect is triggered by its interaction with specific receptors on immune cells, resulting in the release of high concentrations of cytokines and other molecules of immunological significance. Because amorphous endotoxins are present in air, water, and laboratory appliances and cannot be removed by simple sterilization methods, it is almost impossible to produce endotoxin-free solutions without removal procedures. Each endotoxin removal project requires a protocol development step that takes into account the biophysical properties of the target molecule, the final sample application, and the required formulation. Over the years, we have successfully developed endotoxin removal programs to meet stringent endotoxin requirements. We are confident that you can make your endotoxin removal project a success.

Does your immune stimulation test produce unstable data? Why do cells culture for a few days after adding peptides undergo apoptosis? Endotoxin contamination may be the culprit. Endotoxin (lipopolysaccharide) is the main component of Gram-negative bacterial cell walls and can be introduced into customized peptide preparations during synthesis. What's more, they can stimulate B cells, excessive harmful immune responses in macrophages, and stimulate T cell expansion even at low concentrations. To enhance your experimental results, Creative BioMart now offers custom peptides with guaranteed endotoxin control services to reduce endotoxin levels to ≤0.01EU/μg, which is ideal for most cell analysis.

Deliverables of endotoxin control services

Custom peptides with the required purity and quantity at a guaranteed endotoxin level ≤0.01EU/μg. Qualitative endotoxin report, turnaround time only increased by another 2 days depending on peptide sequence.

Endotoxin control and removal is based on the principle of endotoxin-binding peptide purification resin, which needs to be controlled from the beginning of protein preparation experiments. Practical utensils, instruments, water, reagents, and pipettes are used for endotoxin removal. At the same time, the experiments were performed in a clean room, ensuring that all levels of low endotoxin tests were achieved.

The general process of endotoxin removal.Fig1. The general process of endotoxin removal.

Endotoxin removal services in peptide

Creative BioMart offers a corresponding endotoxin removal service. You can purchase the corresponding endotoxin removal kit and related accessory products according to the needs of your own samples. We guarantee that all instruments, water, reagents, and consumables used in the experiment are free of endotoxins, and the experiment is conducted in a clean room to ensure that low levels of endotoxins are returned to the sample. In addition, we can also provide you with related services including:

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Project name Endotoxin removal services in peptide
Testing cycle 5-7 days.
Service including Creative BioMart can screen for the source of endotoxin contamination in the production process and propose several solutions to remove endotoxin to reduce the endotoxin content in the finished product.
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