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Creative BioMart offers a variety of endotoxin removal services covering all existing endotoxin removal methods to meet the specific needs of different customers.

Endotoxin Removal

Endotoxin refers to the dead body or metabolite of bacteria. The main component is lipopolysaccharide produced in the outer layer of cells of Gram-negative bacteria (or some Gram-positive bacteria). The endotoxin of various bacteria is about the same, which can cause fever, microcirculatory disturbance, endotoxin shock and disseminated intravascular coagulation. When it comes to cell and animal experiments, there are strict requirements for endotoxin control. Endotoxin has strong heat resistance and chemical stability. So it is difficult to remove endotoxin by conventional methods, in order to ensure the success rate and reliability of biomedical tests, the safety and effectiveness of biomedical products, and thorough removal of endotoxin in samples and solutions have become a problem that scientists must overcome.


The endotoxin removal methods we offer include: activated carbon adsorption, ultrafiltration, molecular sieve, extraction, ion exchange chromatography, affinity chromatography, and other methods.

The application of the above methods and the comparison of advantages and disadvantages are listed in the following table:

Method Application Advantages Disavantages
Activated carbon adsorption
  • In small molecule solutions with simple components
  • Poor selectivity
  • Easy to adsorb active ingredients
  • Residual activated carbon is not easy to remove
  • A small molecular weight of the target product
  • Simple operation
  • Large processing capacity
  • Retaining or adsorbing active ingredients in the sample
Molecular sieve
  • Small molecular weight
  • The removal effect is obvious
  • The processing volume is small and takes a long time
  • In cytochrome c, catalase, and serum proteins
  • High removal rate and low price
  • Extractant such as Trion X-114 is toxic
  • Residue, affecting product performance
Ion exchange chromatography
  • In alkaline protein solutions
  • Low cost
  • Large capacity
  • Narrow application
Affinity chromatography
  • Specific adsorption
  • High efficiency
  • High selectivity
  • High cost

Table.1 Comparison of methods

For years we had successfully developed Endotoxin Removal protocols based on methods from above to meet strict endotoxin presence requirements.

Services advantages:

1) For a variety of different biological samples.

A. Proteins
B. Antibodies
C. Peptides
D. Polysaccharide solutions
F. Biomass

2) For a variety of different experimental equipment.

A. Endotoxin removal solution
B. Endotoxin removal kit
C. Related accessory products
D. Advanced endotoxin testing instrument

3) We offer an appropriate endotoxin removal method and its optimization to minimize the losses of samples.

4) We have successfully finished multiple projects for endotoxin removal (the concentration of endotoxin was less than 0.01-0.1 EU/μg), success rate at 95%.

5) We guarantee that all instruments, water, reagents, and consumables used in the experiment are endotoxin free.

6) We guarantee that the experiment is done in a clean room to ensure low endotoxin levels returned to your sample.

Creative BioMart offers a full range of services from a variety of different biological samples to endotoxin removal. You can purchase the corresponding endotoxin removal products or choose to send samples to seek our one-stop endotoxin removal service. We are confident that we can make your Endotoxin Removal project a success.

For more information on custom endotoxin removal services or to learn more about endotoxin removal services, please contact us.

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