Application value of Bacterial Endotoxin Testing in Patients with Infectious Diseases in ICU Wards

In recent years, it has been reported that Gram-negative bacterial infections are increasing year by year in clinical practice, especially in the wards, the situation of Gram-negative bacterial infections is becoming increasingly apparent. Due to the close relationship with Gram-negative bacilli, most of the patients in the wards are patients with low immunity and analysis of the testing situation, which is easy to cause infection. Traditional bacterial culture takes a long time, and the implementation of plasma endotoxin testing is rapid and accurate, which has important clinical significance for the differential diagnosis of infectious diseases and the prevention of shock.

Research method

The bacterial ET is detected by the dynamic turbidity method, and the bacterial culture is carried out in strict accordance with the operating procedures of clinical inspection. ①Sample collection: Draw about 1 mL of the patient's fasting venous blood in the morning, add it to a 1 mL body fluid treatment agent tube, mix it for 30 seconds after capping, and set aside for use. Bacterial culture specimens of patients in ICU wards were collected in sterile containers. ③Testing: The relevant samples are processed on the machine to measure ET according to the requirements of standardization. After the sample is added, the mouth of the tube is sealed with sealing film, mixed for 3 s and inserted into the hole of the ET detector for constant temperature testing time is 4500 s, and the specific steps strictly follow the instruction manual of the instrument.


Studies have reported that endotoxin is a promoter of gram-negative bacteria sepsis, which can promote the synthesis and release of various factors of host cells by binding receptors or regulatory proteins, and at the same time stimulate the body to produce a series of the pathological and physiological changes have great harm back. Endotoxin is a trigger for systemic inflammatory response, and CRP is a recognized marker of inflammation. Because serum CRP can only be detected after 12 hours after inflammation, rapid testing of infection in ICU wards cannot be achieved endotoxin testing is not only rapid, but also clear that the infection is Gram-negative bacilli, which has a strong guiding significance for clinical medication. In summary, the use of endotoxin testing has a high predictive value for infectious diseases in ICU wards, and it is worthy of clinical application.

CRPFigure 1. CRP.

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