Application of Endotoxin Testing in the Diagnosis of Lower Respiratory Tract infection in the Elderly

Older lower respiratory tract infections are generally caused by bacterial, viral, and parasitic infections, and the disease progresses rapidly, seriously affecting the quality of life of elderly patients. With the increase of age, the elderly people's physical function declines, their immunity weakens, and infections are easily induced. Early diagnosis and objective evaluation of the infection source and severity of infected patients are the basis for clinical treatment of elderly patients with lower respiratory tract infections. The traditional indicators for evaluating lower respiratory tract infections, such as body temperature, white blood cell and classification, and red blood cell sedimentation rate, have low sensitivity and specificity. The testing of endotoxin is of great significance in clinical diagnosis.


The elderly has many pathogens of lower respiratory tract infections, the most common being bacterial infections. The treatment of different types of pathogens is inconsistent. Early diagnosis and selection of antibacterial drugs are essential to alleviate the disease. At present, the ideal signs of bacterial infection are serum calcitonin PCT and endotoxin, which help to determine whether the patient has bacterial infection, infection type and efficacy judgment. Endotoxin is an important aspect of bacterial pathogen diagnosis. It induces a series of pathophysiological changes in the body by inducing the synthesis and release of various cytokines in the host. Endotoxin is lipid A in the cell wall of Gram-negative bacilli, which is released after the bacteria die. Therefore, endotoxin testing has important clinical significance.

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