Application of Endotoxin Testing in Patients with Fever

Fever is a common manifestation of many diseases, often the only and first symptom of the disease. Fever causes include infectious diseases such as viral hepatitis and non-infectious diseases such as malignant tumors and connective tissue diseases, as well as fever of unknown cause after surgery. Endotoxin is the main source of heat in the body. It is heat-resistant and stable, which can cause the body temperature to rise and cause fever. Therefore, it is very important to test for endotoxin in patients with fever.

FeverFigure 1. Fever.


Endotoxin is the main component of the bacterial cell wall. It is a complex of protein and lipopolysaccharide, which can explain the objective existence of bacteria including dead bacteria and cause the body to have a fever. Clinically, the level of toxins in the body is regarded as an important indicator to judge bacterial infection. Endotoxins are closely related to many infectious diseases and can activate the body's complement system, macrophages and neutrophils, thereby producing biologically active substances. These biologically active substances block microcirculation and cause fatal septic shock. The key mediator of endotoxin-mediated tissue damage and shock is tumor necrosis factor. When using dynamic turbidimetry to measure endotoxin, the result from specimen collection to report the result is <2 hours, which is significantly shorter than the blood culture time, which is more conducive to rapid clinical diagnosis and rational use of antibiotic.

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