Endotoxin-Free Protein G Sepharose

Protein G-Sepharose beads are prepared by covalently coupling recombinant Protein G to 6% cross-linked Sepharose beads under proprietary endotoxin-free condition. The IgG binding capacity of Protein G-Sepharose is >20 mg of human or rabbit IgG per ml of wet beads. Protein G-Sepharose beads display high chemical & physical stability as well as high flow rate, hydrophilicity & high gel strength. It can be used for IgG purification and immunoprecipitation. Our Endotoxin-free Protein G-Sepharose also shows ability of reducing certain amount of endotoxin from serum or ascites samples.

CATALOG NUMBER PRODUCT Package Storage Inquiry
EP-019 Endotoxin-Free Protein G Sepharose 1 ml 4ºC INQUIRY
EP-019 Endotoxin-Free Protein G Sepharose 5 ml 4ºC INQUIRY
EP-019 Endotoxin-Free Protein G Sepharose 25 ml 4ºC INQUIRY


Cat# EP-019
Highlights High Binding Capacity: Binding of IgG ≥15 mg human or rabbit IgG/ml Protein A-Agarose. Minimal leaching of the ligand. Flow rate tested: 0.85 cm/min.
Storage 4ºC
Shipping Condition Gel Packs
Usage For Research Use Only! Not to be used in humans

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