It is a preclinical grade of smooth form lipopolysaccharide (LPS) purified from Gram-negative bacteria E. coli O26:B6. It is extracted by a continuous enzymatic hydrolysis step and purified by a phenol-TEA-DOC extraction protocol that removes contaminating lipoproteins and thus activates only TLR4. It is prepared under strict aseptic conditions.

CATALOG NUMBER PRODUCT Package Storage Inquiry
E068 LPS 10 mg -20 ℃ INQUIRY


Cat# E068
Forms Lyophilized powder
Storage -20 ℃
Principle Phenol extraction
Origin E. coli O26:B6
Citations Dissolved in sterile endotoxin-free water (5 mg/ml) or sterile endotoxin-free cell culture medium (1 mg/ml)

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