Kinetic Turbidimetric LAL Assay Reagent

The quantitative horseshoe crab reagent is designed according to the principle that the horseshoe crab reagent is proportional to the rate of increase of the turbidity of the reaction liquid in the process of forming the gel and the endotoxin concentration in the reaction liquid. It has a wide detection range of up to 4 orders of magnitude. It is accurate and quantitative, and is suitable for dynamic monitoring of toxin levels in the production process of the pharmaceutical industry.

CATALOG NUMBER PRODUCT Package Storage Inquiry
E019 Kinetic Turbidimetric LAL Assay Reagent 2 mg×20 2-8 ℃ INQUIRY


Cat# E019
Forms Lyophilized powder
Storage 2-8 ℃
Principle Turbidimetric LAL Assay
Origin Horseshoe crab
Citations Use endotoxin free water to configure

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