Chromogenic LAL Assay Reagent

The endotoxin is quantitatively detected by a color reaction of the guanidine reagent using a synthetic chromogenic substrate. Under suitable conditions (temperature, pH and non-interfering substances), bacterial endotoxin causes a series of enzymatic reactions, and coagulase decomposes the synthetic chromogenic substrate to decompose it into a polypeptide and yellow p-nitroaniline (pNA). , λmax = 405 nm); and within a certain period of time, the amount of pNA produced is positively correlated with the concentration of bacterial endotoxin, and the endotoxin concentration of the test sample is quantified accordingly.

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E013 Chromogenic LAL Assay Reagent 2 mg×20 2-8 ℃ INQUIRY


Cat# E013
Forms Lyophilized powder
Storage 2-8 ℃
Principle Chromogenic LAL Assay
Origin Horseshoe crab
Citations Use endotoxin free water to configure
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